Certified PC Repair Technitians

First Response PC Diagnostics and Estimation - Fee: $35

If your computer is just acting up or completely down, we will run a battery of diagnostics and tell you what is wrong and the options to fix it. Guessing why something is not working can lead to frustration, wasted time or replacing wrong components. If your experiencing any of the problems below, we have a

  • Does not turn on or shows no sign of power
  • Turns on briefly but immediately turns off
  • Turns on but nothing displays on the monitor
  • Turns on but resents during boot up continuously
  • Error message is preventing a complete boot up
  • Does not find all of the hard drives
  • Will not connect to any network
  • Locks up shortly after boot up


Power Supply Failure, Video Card Diagnostics, Video Performance, CPU, RAM and Motherboard Troubleshooting, Motherboard, CPU and RAM Performance Hard Drive Failure, Hard Drive Performance, CD and DVD Troubleshooting, CD and DVD Recording Problems, Modem Failure, Sound Card Diagnostics, Sound and Game Controller Performance, Network Troubleshooting, SCSI Failure, Peripheral Failure, Conflict Resolution.

Networking and Data/Internet/Printer Sharing

Do you have multiple PCs in your home or small office? Getting them to talk to each other can be challenging. Not sure if a wired or wireless is better? Concerned about someone else accessing your documents or seeing what sites you are visiting. These are the types of issues we solve daily. If you're doing any online banking or purchasing, don't take a change at identity theft. Don't take a chance at someone or something erasing your family photos. Make sure your wireless system functions properly and securely. The cost of not doing will be much more then setting it up correctly the first time.

Thinking of trusting the big STORES....think again.

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